Granite Shield

Kleen N Shine Repellent Cleaner
16 Oz Spray


Kleen N Shine Repellent Cleaner
(3) 4 Oz Brushed Aluminum Spray Bottles


Kleen N Shine  Repellent Cleaner
32 Oz Spray


Kleen N Shine Repellent Cleaner
1 Gal Jug


Kleen N Shine Repellent Cleaner
(4) 1 Gal Jugs

Kleen N Shine
for Cars
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"I've been using Kleen N Shine on everything for the
last 3 years except my flooring. I use it on my granite,
glass, wood, leather, computer screen, TV, eye
glasses, cell phone, plastic and stainless steel
appliances. I don't use wax on my car. I've been
putting Kleen N Shine on my Mercedes 2005 SLK
350's car body, windshield and alloy rims for the last 3
years and it's shinier than the first day I brought it
home and it's never in a garage. We only use Kleen N
Shine and water on the body and Armor All on the
tires. Now we use it on my new Corvette! I wouldn't
consider using another product on my car to protect
the finish and keep it repellent. Kleen N Shine is the
best waterless car wash if water can't be used."

Debbie Burton-Phillips
Part 1
Part 2
Kleen N Shine
for cars

No water, no problem - waterless car wash
No time, no problem - no more than 15 minutes needed
Brake dust, no problem - wipes away
Bugs, no problem - Removes easily
Road grease, no problem - cleans off easily

Beautiful long lasting shine. Eco friendly, water based cleaner. Less then 15 minutes, less then
3 ounces of Kleen N Shine, no water used and you'll have a clean, shiny, repellent car.