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Granite Shield Licensing Fees Include

Business Opportunity
The American dream for many is to own their own business. Granite Shield has helped many
do just that. In most cases to start a business costs tens or even hundreds of thousands of
dollars upfront. Granite Shield is an established branded name internationally in the stone
industry and the low cost Granite Shield licensing fee you can start your own business or add
to your existing business and on to making thousands of dollars monthly. The Granite Shield licensing
fee is not only permission to use the Granite Shield name, logo and chemicals used in
the process but also includes what is needed to get your business up and running,
customer leads and continued 24/7 product support.
Contracts Available.
Marketing material in PDF
Manuals, forms, literature and 24/7 product support
Logo Files for Vehicle, Displays and Marketing
Licensing fee includes at no additional fee hands on training if needed at the Granite Shield corporate office for as
long as an applicator is an applicator and in good standing with Granite Shield. Granite Shield trainers are available
in other locations in the United States, Canada and Australia for an additional fee paid to the trainer.
Licensing and Chemicals

Granite Shield is a sealing service company and not a chemical company. All applicators are licensed as a Granite Shield sealing
service applicator whether they are a granite fabricator and only seal granite they fabricate or a full sealing service sealing all the
hard surfaces in the home Granite Shield offers. Chemicals are prepaid in advance for services provided based on sq. ft. pricing.
Distributors and applicators that have territories their monthly minimums are their continued monthly licensing fee to maintain a
territory. Distributors and applicators with no territory there is no continued licensing monthly minimums. Applicators are
independent contractors and not employees of Granite Shield. Granite Shield has suggested retail pricing but applicators prepaying
for the sq. ft. to be sealed in advance have the option such as a granite fabricator to include the Granite Shield process in the sq. ft.
of granite they fabricate or pricing below or over the Granite Shield suggested retail price. Prices are not price fixed.

Granite Shield Applicator Sample Starter Kit

Granite Shield Available Contracts
Granite Shield Seal Book
Granite Shield Customer Receipt
Granite Shield Warranty Certificate
Applicator Sai & Meena Sharma From Canada - Training Session
Applicator Sai & Meena Sharma From Canada - Testimonial & Fun in the Sun in Catalina
Business Opportunity