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"Dear Granite Shield,

I just had granite installed and they presealed it with XXX Treat. However, there is a "haze" over
the granite (sort of soapy film, honestly not even noticeable unless you happen to see it at the right
angle and light, but there.) When I asked what it was and if it would come off, he said it's the
sealer. Yuk.

So, can you seal with your stuff OVER this and will it remove the film? Or is there a way to
remove the film then seal with your stuff?"

E. Miller
Austin, Texas

Dear MS. Miller,

Thanks for contacting Granite Shield. Yes our sealers go right through XXX Treat and you won't
have that hazy film. With Granite Shield your granite will be smoother and shinier with a
lifetime warranty."

Granite Shield

"I have a stain in my shower from using XXX Treat. I am an accredited applicator. They have not
helped me one BIT. Got an email the other day from the rep asking if I need some more and I
told him they have not taking care of the problem and got an email from the US head of XXX
Treat. She told me she lost all the info of my claim. If they handle me that way how they going to
handle a client's claim. I am not impressed with the way they have handled this that I am looking
to trying something different. I think I'm going to ask for my money back and switch. I will call
them one more time to see what they want to do and then I am done."

Great Falls, Montana

"I don't know if XXX Treat has changed their formula in the last 18 months, but it seems to have
performed better before. We're in California.... maybe it's only changed here, but we are getting
stains from oil, coffee on marble/limestone sealed with Stain Proof."

K. Church
Southern California

"XXX Treat has changed the formula for the entire U.S. due to VOC compliance issues. The
formula went from ethanol to acetone base.

I went through the accreditation for Stain Proof and Acid Block, under XXX Treat honcho John
Cordwell, from Australia, who was touring the U.S. at the time.

Well, the Acid Block product has been pulled - doesn't work.

My first job with Stain Proof was on a granite family material sold locally as White Moon. It looks
sorta like Calcutta, with less brilliance. It's really, really freakin hard, but turns out basically
impossible to seal against oil.

The initial sealer was Porous Plus. It was so well done that acetone didn't darken it. The fabricator
did the paranoid level service before sending it out.

XXX Treat couldn't do the job. Neither did anything else, although HMK S34 was clearly best at
limiting the oil penetration depth and extend, over any given time period I tested. (I had unsealed
job remnants.)

Emails and phone calls to/from Australia, over two and a half weeks, testing while trying to
resolve a customer's problem - and in the end, XXX Treat threw in the towel.

In all fairness, in the training I received, John stressed clearly that the product would not work if it
couldn't touch actual stone - as is often the case when material has been resin treated.

Basically, I was handed my one and only stain resolution failure as a result of plastic resin in
stone. The White Moon is basically fused white sand. The grain structure is quite fine, and my
guess is the plastic completely encases the stone structure, and leaves the pore configuration intact.

That opened my eyes to the limitation of XXX Treat. John Cordwell told me he was seeing that
resined slabs were blocking XXX Treat sealers, but still allowing oil stains.

That's consistent with my experience across sealers, by the way, and worst with water-base
sealers. I pull out of resined material all the time, stuff sealed with very good water base sealer that
failed - where my subsequent solvent based sealing worked.

I seal with XXX Treat, but only on specific materials. The basic technology is valid - it works on
stone that hasn't been screwed up with plastic. It even works on resined stone.

I refuse to certify/activate/offer the accredited warrantee, because I refuse to do free labor
because neither myself, nor XXX Treat can accurately predict which lot of which resin treated
material can be effectively treated.

If you're getting stains from coffee, etc. it could be the change in XXX Treat formula. It could
also be a change in what's going on with the stone resin - or a combination of these."

P. Albee

From the sealer manufacturer for Sensa Granite by Cosentino
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