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Homeowners want now is an easy to clean, low maintenance, green
environmentally friendly home. With Granite Shield's sealing process you will never
have to seal your granite again. With Granite Shield's sealing process only 1 1/2 to 3
ounces of each chemical used in the process is required for an average sized granite
countertop (60 sq. ft.) The application only takes approximately 1 to 2 hours and
it's ready to use immediately. It can be applied to new granite from the fabricator or
to existing granite countertops. The Granite Shield process cleans and lifts dirt and
contaminates out of the pores while being applied and chemically polishes your
granite leaving it cleaner, smoother, shinier, maintenance free and harsh chemical
free for the life of your stone. Even the best polished piece of granite will be
smoother and shinier once Granite Shield is applied.

With Granite Shield it's Eco-Friendly and we have Eco-Friendly water based
aftercare products to help protect the environment. With granite sealed by Granite
Shield you can still use Windex or Clorox wipes with a microfiber towel to clean
your granite if that's preferred. You don't have to worry about wiping up spills
immediately or have to use coasters or place mats like you have to do with other
presealed granite countertops. With other well known sealers they are temporary
and depending what you use to clean your granite may only last weeks, usually 6 to
12 months at the longest. You will need to continuously reseal your countertops to
protect them from water, liquids and oils. Yes if water is absorbed into your granite
repeatedly it can darken and remain dark from the minerals and contaminates in the
water. If granite darkens from water or liquid in a short period of time means it will
stain and also absorbs germs and bacteria. Unsealed granite or over the counter
sealers after continuous use your granite can even darken on the edges or areas you
touch granite from the natural oils from your skin leaving your granite dull and
darker in certain places. Even a granite such as Baltic Brown this can happen. For
example if you continuously touch parts of the edge of the countertop or
continuously have your arms in the exact same place on the top of the countertop it
could remain darker in those places because it's absorbing the oils from your skin.
Not if Granite Shield was used and Granite Shield can even correct that problem
should it have already happened.

With the Granite Shield sealing process for granite using very little chemical and
never having to seal again will save you time, money and help protect the
environment by not having to continuously throw away plastic bottle after plastic
bottle away in the trash ending up in many cases landfills. With flooring being
sealed by Granite Shield the floor has a 10 year warranty and won't need to be
resealed for at least 10 years saving you time and money from having to reseal your
flooring. Like with most standard over the counter sealers would be about once a
year. If you use our Kleen N Seal Rejuvenate cleaner you may never have to seal
your grout and flooring once it is sealed by Granite Shield.

Many so called stone experts recommend the standard over the counter sealers
because they actually know nothing about Granite Shield and have never used
Granite Shield and of course they prefer for you to have to reseal every 6 to 12
months. They may also or have a friend that profits by continuously resealing or
having a maintenance company or program and don't want to recommend a
permanent sealer or long term sealer. Many stone experts don't want anyone
connected to or even a customer of Granite Shield talking about Granite Shield on
stone and home and garden forums. In the long run using Granite Shield it will save
you hundreds to thousands of dollars, time and help protect the environment verses
using a standard over the counter sealer, wasted time and money continuously
having to reseal plus adding to landfills.
It's your Choice

Granite Shield

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