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Granite Abuse Photos
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Granite Shield protected countertops can be maintained with ammonia, bleach or denatured alcohol to be assured your surfaces are free of
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Granite Abuse Photos

Here is an example of someone abusing granite. This person knows they cook and use so much oil that they cover the stove with foil but then don't protect the granite surface or sides near the stove. The oil can run down or splatter the sides of the granite getting underneath the granite that can stain from the bottom or side of the granite spreading upwards to the surface of the granite. This person probably never cleans the surface properly to remove the oil. This person may even use the dirty soapy water from washing this skillet using a sponge and spreading this oily, soapy water to clean their entire granite countertop. This is why it is very important to seal the edges between the granite edge and the stove. Keep in mind the bottom of the granite will normally not be sealed and if 2cm granite is used the granite is sitting on top of plywood and is unprotected wood. The bottom of 3cm granite is very porous. If in doubt take a piece of granite (2cm or 3cm polished granite) and flip it over and pour water on it and you will see how porous it is. The plywood for 2cm granite will absorb the oils and spread to the surface so then the surface will darken and the same for 3cm granite it will be stained. This is an example of abuse to granite and it will not be covered under the Granite Shield warranty. In cases like this the customer would need to pay the applicator that applied the Granite Shield process to remove the stain and reseal. This is another good reason the caulking between the sink and granite has to be free of cracks because oily soapy water will go between the caulking and granite and absorb from the bottom or side of the granite staining the bottom to the surface of the granite.
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