Kleen N Shine - how to have the cleanest, shiniest, smoothest repellant surfaces
There is no other surface cleaner that can out perform Kleen N Shine - Protects for months!
Kleen N Shine Multipurpose Cleaner that can be used on almost any surface but flooring. For those that want the shiniest
countertops. It's not just for granite but for marble, travertine, limestone, Corian, Zodiaq, Granite Transformations, Silestone,
HanStone, CaesarStone, Cambria, man made quartz countertops including glass, mirrors and stainless steel.
For surfaces sealed or not sealed with Granite Shield.
Nano Technology
Green Eco Friendly
Water Based
Every Surface Cleaner
Long Term Protection
Saves Time & Money
Cuts Cleaning Time
Quick & Easy to Use
Just Spray & Wipe
Repels Liquids, Dirt,
Hardwater Deposits,
Dust, Fingerprints,
Brake Dust, Rust,
Contains No Plastic,
Wax, Silicone,
or Resins,
Not Sticky or Oily Feeling
Just a Clean Feel,
Making the Surface
Smoother & Shinier

Warning - Not to be
Used on Flooring
Can Be Used on
Granite, Marble,
Limestone, Travertine,
Glass, Windows,
Mirrors, Stainless Steel,
Wood Furniture &
Cabinets, Faucets,
Chrome, Appliances,
Locks, Glides,
Fiberglass, Boats,
Car Paint, Car Rims,
Car Windshields, RV's,
Leather, Vinyl,
Plastic, Acrylic,
Motorcycle Helmets,
TV Screens,
Computer Screens,
Cell Phone Screens,
Eye Glasses, Aircraft,
Better Clarity,
Easier to Clean,
Looks Better
Than Brand New
Kleen N Shine
Surface Cleaner
Kleen N Shine
Surface Cleaner

Scented & Unscented


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