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Craig Phillips developed back in 2002 the permanent sealing process for granite using different
catalyzing polymers. Depending if the granite is considered light, medium or dark, each type of
stone takes a different application process and then is capped with catalyzing polymers with a
permanent carbon crystal sealant which then blocks the catalyzing polymer into the stone. The
carbon crystal sealant forms a molecular bond with the granite which can not be removed thus
creating a lifetime seal plus leaving your granite more vibrant, smoother, shinier, maintenance
free and still able to breathe. The Granite Shield process contains no plastic, silicone, resins,
epoxies, is not topical and will not scratch or yellow. With granite sealed with Granite Shield
you don't have to worry about your granite staining. Granite Shield is the first and only to have
this process. Don't be fooled by imitators even if it's a well known company! If it doesn't say
Granite Shield, it's not permanently shielded with a lifetime warranty like Granite Shield.

Granite Shield Permanent Granite Sealer Do It Yourself Kit
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Exterior Countertops Can Be Sealed With a
Lifetime Warranty
Granite Shield is the only lifetime sealer that truly works on outdoor barbeques. Our catalyzing
polymer process can not be duplicated. We not only seal exterior granite but we also seal
marble, travertine, limestone, slate, flagstone and concrete.