Granite Shield

Granite Shield Permanent Granite
Lifetime Sealer DIY Kit

(Covers 60 - 80 Sq. Ft. of granite and more)

$249.99 Plus tax & shipping

Here's a great testimonial about the Granite Shield
permanent sealing process by Alyssa Palmer:

"Dear Granite Shield,

I had my kitchen countertops treated with Granite
Shield in March 2010 and just wanted to write you to
tell you how happy I am that I got them done.

When I first moved into my new home in February, my
countertops were disgusting. There was grease, sealant,
dirt, dust, food and Lord knows what else on them. I
tried everything to try and clean them and nothing
seemed to work. I was so upset and frustrated because
instead of enjoying my first home, all I was doing was
scrubbing granite. It got to the point where I wanted to
nothing more than to rip them out.

Realizing that I could not afford new countertops
though, I was desperate to find a company or a product
that would not only clean, but seal my granite as well to
prevent this from happening again. A quick search on
the internet brought me to the Granite Shield website. I
read the testimonials, watched the videos and
immediately called to get someone out to my house.
Within days the owner of the company, Craig Phillips,
was at my door to treat my counters. As I watched him
work, I was amazed at how this product effortlessly
cleaned all the grime that I had spent almost a week
scrubbing. The process only took a couple of hours to
do my entire kitchen and when he was finished, the
countertops looked like they were brand new and felt
amazingly smooth.

Months later, they are still gorgeous and I show them
off every time someone new comes to my house. I
always recommend Granite Shield to everyone I know or
meet that has granite in their home. I love no longer
having to worry about harmful bacteria in my granite or
spending long periods of time and effort cleaning it. In
fact, it takes me less than a couple of minutes each day
to quickly wipe them down and they look the same as
they did the day I got them treated. Granite Shield is
such a peace of mind because I know that my granite is
taken care of and it is one less thing that I have to ever
worry about. Thank you so much!"

Alyssa Palmer

"Dear Granite Shield,

I can only compare what was on my new granite, but
your product is far, far, far, superior. Amazing! Thanks.

Also I am thinking about doing this on the side. Maybe
when you get the time we can talk."

Carl Sitterud

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