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Possible Warranty for
Granite Countertops?
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Granite Shield - Possible Warranty?

In most cases the calls we get, which are very few what customers are experiencing when they believe they
have a warranty issue when their granite is sealed with Granite Shield is it's not as shiny as when it was first

When Granite Shield seals polished granite (not matte or honed) Granite Shield puts a glass like surface on
the granite. You can't think of your granite as granite anymore when cleaning but think of it as glass. Products
that you would clean your window with is what you'd use to clean your granite if you choose to use over the
counter products. You wouldn't clean your window with soap and water, you shouldn't clean your granite
with soap and water. The recommended glass cleaner is
Windex with ammonia. The majority of the granite
cleaners you can buy over the counter now really shouldn't even be used on granite or natural stone. Harsh
cleaners should never be used to clean granite whether it's sealed with Granite Shield or not. You should
never be cleaning or applying a product to granite that has wax, plastic, resins, mineral oil, acrylic or silicone.
Those products can leave a dull film, flake, peel and discolor the surface of your granite. Like with paint if the
current paint on the wall is a semi gloss or oil base you can't just apply a flat paint. If you do the paint will
flake and peel off. Well polished granite shouldn't have products applied to it such as wax, plastic, resins,
mineral oil, acrylic or silicone because you will have the same affect. Which in the case with Granite Shield if
you apply those products to Granite Shield what you apply to the surface it would be the product you apply
on top of the Granite Shield sealer which could flake, peel off and discolor. The Granite Shield sealer itself
will not flake, peel or discolor. Because you choose to apply an over the counter granite cleaner that
contained mineral oil or silicone and it is flaking and peeling or that product has yellowed or darkened an
applicator will not come out to your home, remove the product you applied to over the Granite Shield surface
and reseal at no charge. It's not a warranty but is a cleaning issue and fixable. If you have used these products
over the Granite Shield sealer we would need to know so we'd know what products that need to be used to
remove it. Keep in mind SC Johnson advertises
Lemon Pledge is safe to use on granite on their TV
commercial but then in talking to them on the phone state some granite it should not be put on and may be
changing their TV commercial because it contains silicone and may harm some granite. (Caution just because
a cleaner says it's for granite doesn't mean it should be on granite).

If you are cleaning your granite with soap and water. Think of your granite as a diamond ring. After washing
your hands with soap and water several times your diamond becomes dull and lifeless and you have to soak
your diamond in a solution to remove the soap scum the same can happen to your granite. The soap scum on
the granite would need to be removed so it can be shiny again. Again this is not a warranty.

In some areas they have very hardwater. Some never wipe up water left on the surface of the granite from
washing hands or even clean their granite. Granite Shield seals the surface. If water is never wiped up it will
dry and leave hardwater deposits on your surface. Washing your hands with soap and water and never
drying around the faucet area just letting it air dry can leave a soapy scum residue on the surface of your
granite. Again that's not a warranty.

What I have been describing is a cleaning issue. In most cases cleaning your granite with denatured alcohol
and a clean microfiber towel will remove the scum on the surface on your granite. In places where these
products have left dull spots or from soap scum you may need to use a little bit of Granite Shield's Silicabright
cleaner and finish with Granite Shield's Kleen N Shine and your granite will look as good as it did the day it
was sealed by Granite Shield.

If you do believe you have a warranty and it is because you are experiencing some dull spots, not as shiny as
it was before, some crusty areas or dullness around the faucet area we suggest to try this first.

Granite Shield's Shiny Granite Trio
Dirty Granite Countertop From Not Cleaning Sitting on the Surface of the Granite
Caked on makeup on granite countertop surface from washing face and not cleaning granite for months
and no Windex with Ammonia wouldn't remove it only the Silicabright cleaner would
Just a little dab of Silicabright, a white scotch-brite pad, Granite Kleen & Kleen N Shine removed all hardwater deposits, dirt
& grime on this granite countertop in minutes leaving a super shiny granite countertop & no staining from not cleaning