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"Dear IVilliage,

I live in Morristown New Jersey and have granite in my kitchen for two years, it's the lighter
granite. The only problem I have had is it absorbs water, my husband has sealed it so many times
but nothing has worked for us and it now has an oil stain. I did find this company that came out
and helped me and I was grateful. They took out my oil stain and applied a permanent sealer and
issued me a lifetime warranty. I have had it done now for two months and man do I love it. I
would recommend this to anyone who had any absorption issues. The name is
Granite Shield
Protection, I believe they are based out of New York. When my husband called them they came
right out and the service was great."

Gabriella Lee
Morristown, New Jersey

"Dear Craig and Debbie of Granite Shield,

"Just a note of how great your product is.... not just two hours after having your product put on
my brand new granite kitchen counters, I spilled a bottle of cabernet. Like magic, it wiped right off
with no effect on the granite at all.

A reminder that you will be in Vegas the week of March 15th and we will get our new granite
counters protected then for our new second home. It's a small kitchen but it's important. Thanks."

D. Filipovich
Henderson, Nevada

"Dear Granite Shield,

"After our wonderful kitchen refacing/remodel by Kitchen Plus, and at their suggestion, we had
Granite Shield applied to the Labrador Antiqua countertops. The application made the color richer
and the surface feel even smoother. That was not the best part.

NOTHING gets through the Granite Shield. Everything, dripping glasses left over night, spilled
wine, liquor etc. just wipes off with plain soap and water and buffs with a cotton towel, easily, to
the original, beautiful finish.

We are so pleased that we listened to Dave at Kitchen Plus and got the Granite Shield. We have
recommended it to anyone we know who has granite or is considering purchasing a new

D. P. Kalby
Bellevue, Washington

"First of all, I would like to thank you for the prompt and professional service I received from you
and your staff at Granite Shield. I would also like to share with you a little story of an event that
occurred a couple of days after you completed the job. At about 3:00 in the morning I was
awakened by my teenage son advising me that his bathroom was overflowing with water. I quickly
got up and was greeted with his bathroom having about 1/4 of an inch of water from an
overflowing toilet. I quickly shut off the water supply to the toilet and proceeded, with my wife
and son, to clean up the mess. To my great surprise, the travertine floor that had been treated by
your company actually held out the water and as soon as we dried it up, the floor showed no water
spots of any kind. As a matter of fact, the bathroom is located on the second floor. You may use
this testimonial if you so desire, as part of your advertising as I am very happy with the way your
"Granite Shield" has functioned thus far. I have and will continue to recommend your company."

Very truly yours,
L. P. Carreras, EA, AT
Chino, California

"I wanted to inquire as to who I would contact to have an appointment done for the Granite Shield.
I have granite in my kitchen and had the Granite Shield applied and have had no problems.
However, my parents, who have the same granite as I do did not have the Granite Shield applied
and their granite has darkened in certain spots, due to some staining. I was wondering who would
be the contact to find out about having the stains removed, if possible and then having the Granite
Shield applied?"

J.A. Calabrese, CFP
Assistant Vice President
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

"We installed a CaesarStone (HONED finish) bar that is extremely difficult to clean. Following is
an excerpt of an email I received from a CaesarStone representative recommending your Granite
Shield product:

There is one product that CaesarStone has tested and approved for use on our product. It's a one
time application that doesn't change the finish hardly at all (it might add a little luster to it). From
the results that I have seen it really does keep the dirt and oils from sticking to the surface which
makes cleaning a lot easier. It's called Granite Shield 877-477-3254

We live in Chaska, Minnesota (just 20 miles from Minneapolis) and would like to engage someone
to professionally apply your Granite Shield product to protect the bar from fingerprints and stains.
Could you recommend someone we could contact?"

Thank You,
J. Metzger
Chaska, Minnesota

"Wow for Granite Shield! Once again my son put a container with oil on the bottom on top of my
very light colored granite counter top. Only this time it is shielded. No stain. Yes. Granite Shield is

Thank You,
P. Symonds
San Francisco, California


I would like to find out if you have anyone in the Portland, Oregon area who is installing the
Granite Shield on existing granite countertops. Please let me know. My neighbor in Tucson,
Arizona had her countertops done and they look wonderful. I really like the idea of not having to
worry about spilling wine or other caustic substances on the granite.

Please let me know if you have an installer in our area."

Thanks you,
J. Kraus
Portland, Oregon

"Craig, last week you shipped me some sealer at the request of Craig Kennington at Santa Regina
International, LTD. I also spoke with you about the products application on Friday afternoon. We
applied it on Sunday after the Terrazzo was completely dry. It is a nice product that is pretty easy
to work with.

I had a slight amount of the product left over and I did some testing with it on my own. All I can
say is wow. I put it on a couple of pieces of slate, and it worked great. Beaded up like a mother. I
thought your talk about
Dry Treat was a guy proud of his product, but hey the proof is in the

I also honed 1/2 a polished square of Brecca Oniciatia, I split the tile in thirds, with one section
your stuff, the other a competitors and one clear. I applied two coats each. Your competitor didn't
fare so well, so I gave him another coat. Maybe it will be better for him in the morning. Worked
great on the polished side as well as the honed. I will send pics, but I am sure you know all this.

I call on architects, designers, tile retailers & distributors (like Daltile where Craig Kennington
found us) stone fabricators here in Jacksonville Florida. We should talk about your products."

H. Edenfield
Jacksonville, Florida

"November 7, 2006 - I have a customer for whom we installed new Venetian Gold granite kitchen
countertops in August 2005. He claims that every day the counter is covered in "grit" that can't
really be seen, but can be felt. It has been an ongoing problem since installation. I went to visit and
found the tops to be just as smooth and shiny as the day installed. I suggested maybe his ceiling is
falling apart rather than his countertop and that if that much "grit" came out of his tops every day,
there wouldn't be much granite left. He is raising hell with the cabinet shop and contractor and I
don't have any ideas. Has anyone had a similar problem with a customer in the past?

November 8, 2006 - The granite was definitely sealed, but I don't remember which sealer we were
using at the time. Furthermore the customer went to Home Depot and purchased a cleaner and
sealer kit and has sealed the top another half dozen times. The only time I have experienced
anything like this, it was short lived, not continuous for over a year.

December 19, 2006 - 2 weeks ago I applied Granite Shield to the table as a sample to see if it
would stop the "shedding" problem. The customer is now very happy and I will be applying
Granite Shield to the countertops after the holidays.

January 11, 2007 - This is definitely grit that is coming off the tops. The table was the worst area
and it had almost a honed feel to it, but still shiny. We had to epoxy fill just 2 "chips". The Granite
Shield did the rest. Shedding stopped, feels smooth, customer happy."

B. Stone
Punta Gorda, Florida

Mercy Jantz says:

"I use to be a Regional Manager for Innovative Stone, LLC. Prior to my resignation in 2009, my
territory spanned Philly, Pennsylvania to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and contained 83 Home
Depot stores and almost a dozen ICF (Innovative Certified Fabricators), Everlife and national
program facilities. Innovative Stone, LLC. is the national provider of Permashield which is
currently used to treat Stonemark, The Home Depot's branded natural stone product and also
Everlife, Innovative's own national brand. Cosentino, DuPont and Artisan are also national
competitors, marketing their claims of superiority of performance for their pre-treated granites
backed by a 15 year warranty.

Throughout my career I have become intimately acquainted with most national pre-treated
products and have come to my personal conclusion that Granite Shield offers a unique set of
benefits to the end-user that other programs cannot provide. One of the benefits is that Granite
Shield does not narrow a client's selection of stones to a pre-determined color pallet of just 30 to
50 stones in a polished granite category. Granite Shield allows for the highest level of protection on
any color available in the industry and the performance is absolutely the strongest benefit beyond
any question.

With Granite Shield, I was most impressed that spills do not need to be wiped up immediately, the
product has less than a 1% failure rate and the "lifetime" coverage is not limited to a
pre-determined service life that qualifies as lifetime. With Granite Shield "lifetime" refers to the
actual service life of the stone surface. Also, there is no required maintenance, the product does
not require re-application at any time and the use of ammonia glass cleaners and bleach based
household cleansers all prove acceptable products for cleaning. These are just a few of the major
differences I found with Granite Shield compared to even the best national products which, in my
opinion, do not even begin to provide these benefits or performance longevity.

The comparison is so simple... anyone inclined to protect their investment with a pre-treated
product need not do a thing but go to every manufacture's website and print a copy of that
product's warranty, then compare the contents to the warranty provided with Granite Shield. The
difference becomes blantantly evident from even the first line. The other national brands offer only
a 15 year term of coverage defined by their own words as "limited".

I've always felt that warranties should NOT be marketing tools used to sell a product, but then
offer no protection in the event that coverage is needed. A warranty should be a declaration
providing a guarantee
of product performance that can be expected by the customer and offering
the coverage needed to deliver that performance in the event of an unexpected failure.

My research has led me to a personal conclusion that Granite Shield is the only national level
product on the market providing that guarantee of performance while fully minimizing the
end-user's responsibility to provide and maintain maximum performance and coverage. Granite
Shield is revolutionzing the industry and are quickly becoming the "new standard" in treated

The best way I have articulated this in the past is by stating, "Yesterday (these other) companies
set the bar with a record breaking high jump by introducing their pre-treated programs, but today,
Granite Shield has landed on the moon!"

Thank You
Mercy Jantz
Granite Shield Distributor

Michael Lamm says:

"I was a skeptic at first but Granite Shield does work. My granite was sealed several times with a
penetrating sealer and was still absorbing liquids. I was worried about staining so I finally tried
Granite Shield. I purposely have tried to stain it to put it to the test and it just would not stain.
Then one day my three year old got hold of a permanent magic marker and I was sure we were in
trouble. I called Granite Shield in California and they told me to clean it with some denatured
alcohol and to my surprise it just came right off without even having to go over it again. I'm
impressed with Granite Shield. Not only is the warranty good for life but it's transferable. I don't
think you can do better than that."

Michael Lamm was so impressed with Granite Shield Michael decided to become a Granite Shield

Michael Lamm
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator
New Jersey

"My name is Karan Barber and I am the Granite Shield Distributor for this area. This product is
terrific. It truly is amazing! We have Shielded several types of stone and put them to the test. We
put red wine, red Kool-Aid, iodine, brake fluid, oven clean, lemon juice etc. on the shielded stone,
left it on for 24 hours and it wiped right off with a wet paper towel. Water beads on honed stone."

Karan Barber
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator
North Carolina

"We have been getting good feedback and it looks like Granite Shield is going to do well in this
area. I have been in the granite industry for 25 years, after testing our sample I was speechless I
have never seen anything work this good or come close. Thanks again."

Stone Seal Co
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator
Tim Scarlata
Rochester, New York

"I would like to share a recent experience. I have Giallo Veneziano granite countertops in my
masterbath sealed with the Granite Shield process. I came home from a business trip and placed a
plastic grocery bag on my countertop that had a bottle of
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine in it. The
bottle wasn't closed and leaked about 1/2 of the bottle onto the granite. It's an extra bottle and I
had been so busy I didn't put it away when I unpacked. The bag was left on my countertop for
over one week. When I went to put the items away that's in the plastic bag I noticed the
Fructis Sleek & Shine had leaked and had left about an 8 inch circular puddle of oil on my
countertop. I thought well this will be a good test to see how the Granite Shield process held up. I
wiped up the oil and used denatured alcohol to remove the oil residue and there wasn't a dark spot
and it looks like how my countertop has always looked sealed with Granite Shield. There was no
stain and it's smooth and shiny like the day we sealed it with Granite Shield 3 years ago."

Debbie Burton-Phillips
Granite Shield
Vice President

"Here you can see the amazing effects of Granite Shield, firstly the *7 Day Test*. Wine dots were
poured onto 12X12 Kashmir Gold granite tile. Half the tile is sealed with Granite Shield and the
other half in unsealed. After each 24 hour period one spot was wiped off the tile and
photographed. Unfortunately the unsealed side never got a chance to be wiped off because the
stone completely absorbed the wine within the first 24 hours, thus staining the stone! This is what
will happen to your stone if it is not sealed with Granite Shield. This test just proves that when
immediately as ALL other sealers insist! If you have a party and don't want  to spend all night
cleaning your tops or worse have to keep an eagle eye on your guests just in case they spill. Seal
with Granite Shield and relax, enjoy the party!"

Click here to view testing

Ozzy Simoes
Pinehurst, Massachusetts

Click here to view Granite Shield video demonstrations by Ozzy Simoes

Click here to view Ozzy Simoes visiting the Granite Shield corporate office

"Dear Craig and Debbie,

As we continue to move forward with our Granite Shield of Alberta license, we wish to contribute
our thoughts towards Granite Shield and it's permanent lifetime sealing process and our interaction
with Granite Shield.

First off, and most importantly, Granite Shield is an absolutely phenomenal product. This is a
world class product and works, very effectively. We have applied the permanent granite sealing
process to a number of counter top and various flooring applications here in Calgary and the
feedback we are receiving from our clientele base is very high regard and satisfaction. In one
scenario, a particular client is pleased to the level of providing us not only with their estate home,
but cabin & condo glass, floors & countertops as well.

Secondly, and as equally as important as the first are the people at Granite Shield. We are a family
owned and operated business and consider service & quality of the highest standard, so in fact it
was quite easy to relate with Craig & Debbie as they have values similar to ours.

We were welcomed by Craig & Debbie on a first rate training program that included hands on
application with professional applicators, a product knowledge and questions session which is made
easy through the quality of their staff. What was most important to us is that Craig and Debbie
provided us with their undivided attention during our stay and were very courteous. But this was
not just extended to us. I noticed that Craig & Debbie always make themselves available for their
staff, clients and applicators around the clock. A very genuine and candor approach.

The last basis I wish to touch upon is the growing numbers of imitators out there. Be careful we
say!! The "sealers" are not reputable nor do they offer a sufficient warranty. We have come across
a few in our market, and the reality is, there is only one true Granite Shield that offers a
transferable, no restriction lifetime warranty. Granite Shield and only Granite Shield is the real deal
and the only sealing process that we will endorse."

R. Sean Maguire
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator
Calgary Canada

Click here to view Maguire Flooring visiting the Granite Shield corporate office

Click here to view Maguire Flooring testimonial

Click here to listen to Maguire's Flooring Granite Shield radio commercial

"To whom it may concern,

The Comfort Inn Gallatin, Tennessee recently installed granite vanities, throughout the hotel. As
you may know granite has to be sealed often to prevent damage from water and harmful chemicals.

We chose Granite Shield to come and seal all of our vanities, that way they will be protected and
we don't have to worry about what guests may get on them e.g. standing water, toothpaste,
mouthwash. The service comes with a lifetime warranty, if your granite becomes stained, they will
come out and fix it free of charge.

There are few companies that offer this kind of service, I choose Granite Shield after reading the
warranty information on all of their websites. Unlike other services, Granite Shield's warranty
covers stains that may have been caused by bleach. The other companies have disclaimers
prohibiting the use of such chemicals or it will void the warranty and some of them for 10 or 15
years only.

I recommend Granite Shield to keep your granite looking like new. Don't just take my word for it,
do your own research and you will see for yourself."

Thank you,
B. Patel
Comfort Inn Gallatin
Gallatin, Tennessee 37066

"Why We Prefer Granite Shield to Seal Our Surfaces

We've been in the granite business since 2005. We also operate as a wholesale granite slab
distributor in Wenatchee, Washington. When we opened our warehouse in Wenatchee,
Washington we knew we wanted to turn our stone slabs into countertops, fireplaces, vanities,
waterfalls & more, but we didn't want to compete with the fabricators buying our slabs. After
searching, we decided to open our second shop in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Our Search for Granite Stain Protection

Since then, we have been working with, granites, marbles, engineered stone & other surfaces for
our customers. We began to notice a trend awhile back; more of our customers were requesting
engineered stones like Silestone, etc. because they worried that the natural stones require too much
upkeep to prevent staining. Our stone customers asked us to look into sealers that would minimize
care, but last the lifetime of the stone. Around this time, we began looking into engineered stone
warranties more closely and noticed even those are not complete stain protection. This encouraged
us to find a sealer that would be complete stain protection for the life of the surface without any
"gotchas" clauses. We also decided to look for a quality sealer for many types of surfaces.

The "Gotcha" Clauses

As we started comparing stain protections & sealers it was apparent many sound good on paper,
but not in reality.

When it comes to stain protection, some engineered stones have tricky warranty language that is
misleading. Examples are: "can withstand" or "resists or resistant," "avoid exposing to strong
chemicals or solvents," or "non-use of proscribed hot pads or cutting boards, placemats, trivets is
non-compliance. "Others state "clean up spills immediately," "do not use acid like lemon juice or
ammonia, or bleach-based products," "limited warranty" and most concerning - - "warranty
governed by laws in a different country."

This led us to look for a sealer that would meet the following categories:

Good customer service

A transferable warranty

Lifetime sealer

Unlimited stain protection

And for our customers who want engineered surfaces, not having to worry about cleaners.

The Conclusion

After much searching we found Granite Shield. It passes our tests & we became certified sealers.
Both our natural stone customers and quartz-based customers have been satisfied. That makes us
satisfied too!!"

Tim Simka
Granite Shield Applicator
Merrimack, New Hampshire

"Fabricator fed up with performance of 511

Dear Granite Shield,

My company "XXXXX XXXXXX Inc." is fed up with the performance of the "Best" available
sealers on the market. They just don't stop staining from dish soap on non-resin treated stone. It
takes 3 coats of the Stone Tech and Miracle products best materials to slow down soap. (I have
yet to find a kitchen or bath that didn't have soap) so I treat everything with 3 coats and still have
no manufacturers warranty against staining.

A fed up fabricator"

View Granite Shield's warranty

"Dear Granite Shield,

I just had granite installed and they presealed it with
XXX Treat. However, there is a "haze" over
the granite (sort of soapy film, honestly not even noticeable unless you happen to see it at the right
angle and light, but there.) When I asked what it was and if it would come off, he said it's the
sealer. Yuk.

So, can you seal with your stuff OVER this and will it remove the film? Or is there a way to
remove the film then seal with your stuff?"

E. Miller
Austin, Texas

"Dear MS. Miller,

Thanks for contacting Granite Shield. Yes our sealers go right through
XXX Treat and you won't
have that hazy film. With Granite Shield your granite will be smoother and shinier with a
lifetime warranty."

Granite Shield

What customers and the granite industry is saying about XXX Treat

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