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DIY Testimonials
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"Dear Granite Shield,

Process went very well. Thank you so much for such an amazing product it's better than you describe
it. My granite now has a glass finish. PS your instructional video was very helpful."

Patrick Nittler

"Dear Granite Shield,

DIY Kit coupled with instructions and video for light granite application worked beautifully. Passed
water test!"

Scott Tarabek

"Dear Granite Shield,

I can only compare what was on my new granite, but your product is far, far, far superior. Amazing!


P.S. Also I am thinking about doing this on the side. Maybe when you get the time we can talk."

Carl Sitterud

"Dear Granite Shield,

This stuff is pretty amazing, using Windex on it works great! About once a month I apply the Kleen N
Shine and away we go. I am so glad I bought this product. My daughter cleans houses and the lady she
gave an estimate to asked what she uses on her granite and when she said Mom uses Windex the lady
just fell over. I told her to make sure she tells them the reason I use that is because I sealed the granite
with Granite Shield which essentially makes the granite finish like glass."

Thanks again Vicki Stearns

"Dear Granite Shield,

We were very impressed with your product, the difference in the countertop shine and durability of the
countertop surface. We were somewhat cautious about your product at first, but after applying the
product using the easy to follow directions you have sold us on Granite Shield. We would highly
recommend to other granite top owners."

Raymond Ritter

"Dear Granite Shield,

I love this product!

Vivian Gonzalez

"Dear Granite Shield,

Pretty easy to apply. Looks beautiful and seems to really seal! I'm very happy."

Margaret O Kanter

"Dear Granite Shield,

The surface is smooth and I did the test, the water was beading."

Joel Carreon

"Dear Granite Shield,

I researched many companies before choosing Granite Shield. After applying Granite Shield to my
kitchen counters, I was amazed at how shiny and smooth they became. When I did the water test after
applying the product, the water beaded up instantly. So far, I am happy with your product."

Laura Jepson

"Dear Granite Shield,

Love the shine and smoothness of the finished product."

Perry Montgomery

"Dear Granite Shield,

Great Product!"

Kathleen Clark

"Dear Granite Shield,


Katrina Coleman