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Cleaning Granite Sealed with Granite Shield
"Most people believe that is not necessary to seal dark or black stones, I may have agreed
with you before I got involved with Granite Shield and sealed my own granite countertops,
Uba Tuba Green. Although you may not easily see stains on darker stones, they are more
dangerous because you generally won't see blood spills from chicken or meat when
cooking. When you are told to clean your counters with soap and water, you are not
removing the bacteria but instead spreading it around, with the Granite Shield process you
are encouraged not to use soap and water and rather use ammonia based cleaners such as
Windex or bleach based products such as Clorox. This will not only leave your polished
GRANITE looking like new every time you clean but also kill bacteria on the surface. Can
you afford to keep cleaning your counters with soap and water, leaving those nasty smears
and risking your families health?"

Granite Shield of New England
Ozzy Simoes
Granite Cleaning Products

Silicabright 8 oz. bottle - $14.99

Granite Kleen 16 oz. spray bottle - $15.99

Kleen N Shine 16 oz. spray bottle - $19.99