Granite Shield

Kleen N Shine Repellent Cleaner
16 Oz Spray 1 Microfiber Towel


Kleen N Shine Repellent Cleaner
(3) 4 Oz Brushed Aluminum Spray Bottles


Kleen N Shine  Repellent Cleaner
32 Oz Spray 1 Microfiber Towel


Kleen N Shine Repellent Cleaner
1 Gal Bottle


Kleen N Shine Repellent Cleaner
(4) 1 Gal Bottles


Scented & Unscented Kleen N Shine

Wholesale Pricing Available
Granite Shield's Kleen N Shine repellent cleaner
is the best granite cleaner available on the
market. Just spray on and wipe off with a clean
microfiber towel. Cleans, repels and shines.
Kleen N Shine comes lavender scented and
unscented and is the best stainless steel and
mirror cleaner available with no streaking, dust
repellent and prevents fingerprints. Our Kleen
N Shine even works great on computer screens!
Kleen N Shine is a multi purpose cleaner that
can be used on granite, marble, glass, stainless
steel, mirrors, wood, leather, plastic, acrylic, eye
glasses, fiberglass, autos, boats, RV's and air
planes. Once you use Kleen N Shine you'll
never want to use another cleaner again.

Do not use on flooring.
May be slippery!
Kleen N Shine
"I've been using Kleen N Shine on everything for the last 3 years except my
flooring. I use it on my granite, glass, wood, leather, computer screen, TV,
eye glasses, cell phone, plastic and stainless steel appliances. I don't use wax
on my car. I've been putting Kleen N Shine on my
Mercedes 2005 SLK 350's
car body, windshield and alloy rims for the last 3 years and it's shinier than
the first day I brought it home and it's never in a garage. We only use Kleen N
Shine and water on the body and Armor All on the tires. Now it's on my new
Corvette! I wouldn't consider using another product on my car to protect the
finish and keep it repellent. Kleen N Shine is the best waterless car wash if
water can't be used."

Debbie Burton-Phillips
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