"I would like to share a recent experience. I have Giallo Veneziano granite
countertops in my masterbath sealed with the Granite Shield process. I came
home from a business trip and placed a plastic grocery bag on my countertop that
had a bottle of Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine in it. The bottle wasn't closed and
leaked about 1/2 of the bottle onto the granite. It's an extra bottle and I had been
so busy I didn't put it away when I unpacked. The bag was left on my countertop
for over one week. When I went to put the items away that's in the plastic bag I
noticed the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine had leaked and had left about an 8 inch
circular puddle of oil on my countertop. I thought well this will be a good test to
see how the Granite Shield process held up. I wiped up the oil and used denatured
alcohol to remove the oil residue and there wasn't a dark spot and it looks like
how my countertop has always looked sealed with Granite Shield. There was no
stain and it's smooth and shiny like the day we sealed it with Granite Shield 3
years ago."

Debbie Burton-Phillips
Granite Shield
Vice President


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