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What can I do if the presealed granite countertop isn't what I expected
from a well known company sold by a big box store?

You've decided you wanted to replace your current countertops with granite. You went to your local
big box store and looked at many little samples of granite colors. You choose a color and have the
fabricator install your granite and by surprise it doesn't look like the sample you choose at the store. In
fact the granite you had installed doesn't even feel like the sample you touched. It has many pits and
fissures and is very rough. You choose a certain granite because it had a 10 to 15 year warranty and
you are expecting to never have to seal the granite for 10 to 15 years. Once you spill something on it
the granite darkens and leaves water spots.

This is what is being said about some of the experiences of some customers buying some of the big
box granite countertops on home and garden forums. Many have had to have the companies come out
to their home and reseal not once but several times and many are asking to get a refund because they
hate it so much.

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems such as this Granite Shield can help. The
Granite Shield process can go through these existing sealers and you will have a lifetime warranty
verses a limited 10 to 15 year warranty. Instead of having to tear out your existing granite countertop
due to they say it doesn't need to be resealed and they have to keep coming out to reseal or your
granite is so rough with pits and fissures give Granite Shield a try. With Granite Shield your granite will
be smoother, shinier and maintenance free for the life of your granite. Granite Shield can improve any
granite even the presealed granite from the big box stores giving you a lifetime warranty.

Things being said about some well known presealed granite:

caroldawg 2/4/2008 "I have a question concerning XXXXXXXXX granite which was installed this
past week, it seems as though there are pits and fissures - not like the sample at the showroom, also
leaves watermark until dry. I didn't believe it was to look like this. Any info would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks"

caroldawg 2/5/2008 "Thanks much for responding to my post. Just to mention the counter is
Cinnamon Sand. Also the problem is with the grit. I can clean over and over and the grit is still there.
At first I thought it was crumbs, etc. No way, grit is the word. Your site is great. Thanks, again"

caroldawg 2/7/2008 "I posted a few days ago. At that time I didn't mention that the XXXXXXXXX
was Cinnamon Sand. Is this a bad stone for kitchen counters? Pits, leaving watermarks until dry and
very gritty all the time. Thanks, again."

caroldawg 3/10/2008 "I thank all that have replied to my post concerning the sealing of my
XXXXXXXXX granite. XXXXXXXXX finally came out and "sealed" again with a hot instrument.
Told us if we have problems again to let him know. Yes, we still have some of the same water marks.
XXXXXXXXX is coming Friday for that. But today my hubby just picked up our dog dish and barely
touched the edge of granite and wow a chip - didn't think just a touch or a bit over - nothing dropped,
etc. would do that. We are so careful - do not even cut on granite as they told us we could. NOW the
question could this just be bad granite? I thought this would be taken care of and now a CHIP in a
new countertop. Thanks for any replies."

caroldawg 3/11/2008 "Thanks so much for responding. We also think this is strange - we haven't had
this granite very long at all. Hubby called XXXXXXXXX this morn and he said he will look at it - that
it is a natural stone and this could happen - right - not even six weeks we have had this counter. He
will also check the sealing he also redid at our home two weeks ago. Glad to hear you have a good
piece of granite."

caroldawg 4/16/2008 "Hi, I have posted several times in the past two months concerning
XXXXXXXXX counters installed in kitchen. Truly a nightmare. Finally XXXX has decided to refund
money - but not very speedy. Now a question - we have found a great fabricator - seen slabs and very
good - we have honey oak cabinets - 12 X 12 kitchen - we found Crema Bordeaux - would this be a
good combination? Thanks for any replies."

perplexedinny 4/23/2008 "They did it because they selling crap granite under the "XXXXXXXXXXX"
mark.... we purchased and had installed an unbelievably porous light colored granite.... it literally
absorbed EVERYTHING.... we initiated a lawsuit against XXXX XXXXX and reimbursed for half of
what we paid....seriously, only half, and my husband is an attorney.... now that I got rid of my subpar
countertop, I'd like to get rid of my subpar attorney!! Ok, I can't do that exactly, but this move by
XXXXXXXXX is no surprise....btw, replaced with CaesarStone and LOVE it..EASY"
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