Mercy Jantz says:

"I use to be a Regional Manager for Innovative Stone LLC. Prior to my resignation in 2009, my territory spanned Philly, Pennsylvania
to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and contained 83 Home Depot stores and almost a dozen ICF (Innovative Certified Fabricators),
Everlife and national program fabrication facilities, Innovative Stone LLC. is the national provider of Permashield which is currently
used to treat Stonemark, The Home Depot's branded natural stone product and also Everlife, Innovative Stone's own national brand.
Cosentino, DuPont and Artisan are also national competitors, marketing their claims of superiority of performance for their pre-treated
granites backed by a 15 year warranty.

Throughout my career I have become intimately acquainted with most national pre-treated products and have come to my personal
conclusion that Granite Shield offers a unique set of benefits to the end-user that other programs cannot provide. One of the benefits is
that Granite Shield does not narrow a client's selection of stones to a pre-determined color pallet of just 30 to 50 stones in a polished
granite category. Granite Shield allows for the highest level of protection on any color available in the industry and the performance of
that protection is absolutely the strongest benefit beyond and question.

With Granite Shield, I was most impressed that spills do not need to be wiped up immediately, the product has a less than 1% failure
rate and the "lifetime" coverage is not limited to a pre-determined service life that qualifies as lifetime. With Granite Shield "lifetime"
refers to the actual service life of the stone surface. Also, there is no required maintenance, the product does not require re-application
at any time and the use of ammonia glass cleaners and bleach based household cleansers all prove acceptable products for cleaning.
These are just a few of the major differences I found with Granite Shield compared to even the best national products which, in my
opinion, do not even begin to provide these benefits or performance longevity.

The comparison is so simple... anyone inclined to protect their investment with a pre-treated product need not do a thing but go to
every manufacture's website and print a copy of that product's warranty, then compare the contents to the warranty provided with
Granite Shield. The difference becomes blatantly evident from even the first line. The other national brands offer a 15 year term of
coverage defined by their own words as "limited".

I've always felt the warranties should NOT be marketing tools used to sell a product, but then offer no protection in the event that
coverage is needed. A warranty should be a declaration providing a guarantee
of product performance that can be expected by the
customer and offering the coverage needed to deliver that performance in the event of an unexpected failure.

My research has led me to a personal conclusion that Granite Shield is the only national level product on the market providing that
guarantee of performance while fully minimizing the end-user's responsibility to provide and maintain maximum performance and
coverage. Granite Shield is revolutionizing the industry and are quickly becoming the "new stand" in treated surfaces.

The best way I have articulated this in the past is by stating, "Yesterday (these other) companies set the bar with a record breaking
high jump by introducing their pre-treated programs, but today, Granite Shield has landed on the moon!"

Thank You,

Mercy Jantz

Granite Shield Distributor

Michael Lamm says:

"I was a skeptic at first but Granite Shield does work. My granite was sealed several times with a penetrating sealer and was still
absorbing liquids. I was worried about staining so I finally tried Granite Shield. I purposely have tried to stain it to put it to the test and
it just would not stain. Then one day my three year old got hold of a permanent magic marker and I was sure we were in trouble. I
called Granite Shield in California and they told me to clean it with some denatured alcohol and to my surprise it just came right off
without even having to go over it again. I'm impressed with Granite Shield. Not only is the warranty good for life but it's transferable. I
don't think you can do better than that."

Michael Lamm was so impressed with Granite Shield Michael decided to become a Granite Shield applicator.

Michael Lamm
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator

New Jersey

"My name is Karan Barber and I am the Granite Shield Distributor for this area. This product is terrific. It truly is amazing! We have
Shielded several types of stone and put them to the test. We put red wine, red Kool-Aid, iodine, brake fluid, oven clean, lemon juice
etc. on the shielded stone, left it on for 24 hours and it wiped right off with a wet paper towel. Water beads on honed stone."

Karan Barber
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator

"We have been getting good feedback and it looks like Granite Shield is going to do well in this area. I have been in the granite industry
for 25 years, after testing our sample I was speechless I have never seen anything work this good or come close. Thanks again."

Stone Seal Co
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator
Tim Scarlata

Rochester, New York

"Dear Craig and Debbie,

As we continue to move forward and grow with our Granite Shield of Alberta license, we wish to contribute our thoughts towards
Granite Shield and it's permanent lifetime sealing process and our interaction with Granite Shield.

First off, and most importantly, Granite Shield is an absolutely phenomenal product. This is a world class product and works, very
effectively. We have applied the permanent sealing process to a number of counter top and various flooring applications here, in
Calgary and the feedback we are receiving from our clientele base is of very high regard and satisfaction. In one scenario, a particular
client is pleased to the level of providing us not only with their estate home, but cabin & condo glass, floors & countertops as well.

Secondly, and as equally as important as the first are the people at Granite Shield. We are a family owned and operated business and
consider service & quality of the highest standard, so in fact it was quite easy to relate with Craig and Debbie as they have values to

We were welcomed by Craig and Debbie on a first rate training program that included hands on application with professional
applicators, a product knowledge and questions session which is made easy through the quality of their staff. What was most important
to us is that Craig and Debbie provided us with their undivided attention during our stay and we were very courteous. But this was not
just extended to us. I noticed that Craig and Debbie always make themselves available for their staff, clients and applicators around the
clock. A very genuine and candor approach.

The last basis I wish to touch upon is the growing numbers of imitators out there. Be careful we say!! These "sealers" are not
reputable nor do they offer a sufficient warranty. We have come across a few in our market, and the reality is, there is only one true
Granite Shield that offers a transferable, no restriction lifetime warranty. Granite Shield and only Granite Shield is the real deal and the
only sealing process that we endorse."

R. Sean Maguire
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator
Calgary Canada

Click here to view Maguire Flooring visit to the Granite Shield corporate office

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"I would like to share a recent experience. I have Giallo Veneziano granite countertops in my masterbath sealed with the Granite Shield
process. I came home from a business trip and placed a plastic grocery bag on my countertop that had a bottle of
Garnier Fructis Sleek
& Shine in it. The bottle wasn't closed and leaked about 1/2 of the bottle onto the granite. It's an extra bottle and I had been so busy I
didn't put it away when I unpacked. The bag was left on my countertop for over one week. When I went to put the items away that's
in the plastic bag I noticed the
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine had leaked and had left about an 8 inch circular puddle of oil on my
countertop. I thought well this will be a good test to see how the Granite Shield process held up. I wiped up the oil and used denatured
alcohol to remove the oil residue and there wasn't a dark spot and it looks like how my countertop has always looked sealed with
Granite Shield. There was no stain and it's smooth and shiny like the day we sealed it with Granite Shield 3 years ago."

Debbie Burton-Phillips
Granite Shield
Vice President

"Dear Granite Shield,

We just got our granite countertops installed. The contractor lied to us and told us it was already sealed. Yet, water soaked straight
through and the stone is not shiny. After researching, I discovered a test for granite and basically discovered I need to seal it. I tried to
use a sealer bought from Home Depot. First few days, the water beaded up. But, in a week, after heavy use of the kitchen, the water
was already soaking through the stone. There is water stains around the faucet where water collects all the time. It is not drying up. I
found the Granite Shield website and am interested in the product.

I live in West Hills, California in the San Fernando Valley, California. Please let me know where your closest authorized applicator is
and how I can contact them."


"Dear Granite Shield,

"I just had granite installed and they presealed it with XXX
Treat. However, there is a "haze" over the granite (sort of soapy film,
honestly not even noticeable unless you happen to see it at the right angle and light, but there.) When I asked what it was and if it
would come off, he said it's the sealer. Yuk.

So, can you seal with your stuff OVER this and will it remove the film? Or is there a way to remove the film then seal with your stuff?"

E. Miller
Austin, Texas

"Dear MS. Miller,

Thanks for contacting Granite Shield. Yes our sealers go right through XXX
Treat and you won't have that hazy film. With
Granite Shield your granite will be smoother and shinier with a lifetime warranty."

Granite Shield

Granite Shield Permanent Granite Sealer Do It Yourself Kit

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Granite Shield Announces its Granite Fabricator Special

Why Seal Dark Granite?

What's being said about Granite Shield - Testimonials

Granite Shield Applicators Located Nationwide
and Canada

Some Restoration Services Are Not Available in Some Areas
We Seal It!!! All For Life!!!
1. 5 deep penetrating chemicals for permanent bonding protection.

2. Leaves granite the same natural color only a deeper penetrating shine.

3. 1 ounce or less of each chemical seals a 40 sq. ft. kitchen.

4. Granite Shield is a flameproof seal, heat will not affect Granite Shield.

5. Granite Shield becomes inert after application and meets
FDA and AMA guidelines.

6. Can be applied all at the fabrication shop or at the customer's home to seal
all edges and seams.

7. Deep penetration of chemical lifts contaminates out of stone leaving stone cleaner and
permanently bonded at the nano-scale level through a catalyzing carbon crystal (a covalent bond.)

8. No off-gassing and countertops are ready immediately for use.

9. Floral smelling chemical leaves pleasant scent after
application and dissipates instantly.

10. Natural colors are preserved for a lifetime.

11. Warranty is against a failure of the seal and will replace material if the
stone cannot be restored to original state.

12. Warranty is backed by a multimillion dollar international company.

13. Sealer can be added to any granite of your choice anywhere in the world to
new or existing granite countertops.

14. Granite Shield doesn't leave a dull, hazy film.

15. The Granite Shield process doesn't contain plastic, silicone, wax, resins or epoxies
and is not topical.

16. Granite Shield doesn't have a 'limited" warranty on granite like
many Granite Shield competitors do.

17. Granite Shield doesn't have a limited color pallet selection and can be applied
to glossy and honed granite.

18. Granite Shield can be applied by your granite fabricator of choice and
to any slab of your choice.

19. The price factor. Choosing your own granite fabricator, the granite slab of your choice with
Granite Shield will save you a lot of money.

20. The Granite Shield process was created by someone who has been in the home improvement
industry since 1982 including as a top salesperson for all types of countertops for many years, not just
granite and has been a granite fabricator.

21. Don't be fooled by imitators. Many granite fabricators today to compete with Granite Shield say
their sealer will last 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years and even a lifetime sealer but are just using standard over
the counter sealers that don't even have a warranty or don't even last 6 months to just get your sale.
Some granite fabricators are just looking to collect your money and once the job is completed simply
don't care if your granite stains and think it's just your problem.

Granite Shield is the originator of the long term granite stain protection. Granite Shield has been
applied to the public's granite since 2002. Even if it's a "big box" store, a granite fabricator or granite
slab yard you should ask questions before deciding on a "10, 15 or 20 year" warranty. "when did that
sealer come to market?" Have them explain their "limited warranty" or "restrictions." It just may be a
regular sealer and they're just saying it has a long term warranty. Even if that company has been in
business 20 - 30 years doesn't mean that particular sealer has. Granite Shield does have the track
record for their granite permanent lifetime sealer. Granite Shield was created when the stone industry
was still saying granite doesn't stain or just put butter all over your granite to make it the sam
e all over.
Why Granite Shield Permanent Lifetime Sealer?
Floors, Tops, Walls, Kitchens,
Baths & Halls
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Why Choose Granite Shield?
Beware of Imitators
Granite Shield created its lifetime penetrating breathable sealing process for granite in 2002. Granite
Shield uses different catalyzing polymers and then caps the catalyzing polymers with a
nanotechnology permanent carbon crystal sealant which then locks the catlyzing polymers into the
stone. The carbon crystal sealant forms a molecular bond with granite which can't be removed thus
creating a lifetime seal which leaves granite more vibrant, smoother and shinier. Granite Shield can
make granite non porous and maintenance free enabling granite customers peace of mind when
purchasing granite for their kitchen countertops. The standard sealers today only penetrate and then
dissipate over time, leaving the stone vulnerable to stains. Granite Shield can be applied to new and
existing granite. Low cost seal kits with licensing fees waived are available to stone professionals for
a professional application that comes with a lifetime warranty against staining. DIY kits are available
for those that would like to seal their own but does not carry the same warranty when applied by a
Granite Shield applicator.