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One of the most desired appliances and even sinks today are stainless steel. The problem is
stainless steel gets streaks, watermarks and fingerprints. If you notice even at the store they are
streaked. Granite Shield eliminates that problem. The Granite Shield process to treating stainless
steel removes the oxidation normally found in stainless steel and once we remove the oxidation we
replace with a chemical that permanently bonds to the metal. Once that is done we put a protective
polymer on the surface that reduces streaking, watermarks and fingerprinting. With the Granite
Shield process your stainless steel appliances and sinks have never looked so good. You'll notice a
vibrant glow and seeing colors you never knew your stainless steel had before. Stainless steel
cleaned and sealed permanently by an authorized Granite Shield applicator has a 5 year warranty
but must be maintained at least once a month with Granite Shield's
Kleen N Shine cleaner and
you'll have the most beautiful stainless steel forever.
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