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Silicabright Restoration Cream
Before Granite Shield's Silicabright
After Granite Shield's Silicabright
"I thought I'd share with you a fun exercise I conducted with Granite Shield's Silicabright. As you
may recall we have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. The wheels on this vehicle are steel with chrome
covering. Due to its being a work truck it does not always get washed as would a personal vehicle.
As a result brake dust has badly deteriorated the chrome on the front whel cover. I have attempted
on several occasions to rid the marks with soap and water, acidic professional white wall cleaners
and several other products common in the auto industry. To date, I have had minimal success. The
wheel usually improves, but is never restored.

I thought this might be a good test for some Granite Shield products. I have attached some images of
the results that you may find interesting. With using just a dab of Silicabright followed by Kleen N
Shine with a micro-fiber towel the wheel in the image was quite literally restored to new finish
quality. The wheels didn't look this good when I originally took receipt of the truck and it has just
been professionally detailed. Attached are 2 "before" and 2 "after" images."

Thanks and have a great day,

Mercy J. Allan Jantz
Granite Shield Distributor / Applicator
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Before Granite Shield's Silicabright
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