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"Here you can see the amazing effects of Granite Shield, firstly the *7 Day Test*. Wine dots
were poured onto 12X12 Kashmir Gold granite tile. Half the tile is sealed with Granite Shield
and the other half in unsealed. After each 24 hour period one spot was wiped off the tile and
photographed. Unfortunately the unsealed side never got a chance to be wiped off because the
stone completely absorbed the wine within the first 24 hours, thus staining the stone! This is
what will happen to your stone if it is not sealed with Granite Shield. This test just proves that
when GRANITE IS SEALED WITH GRANITE SHIELD you DO NOT have to wipe up spills
immediately as ALL other sealers insist! If you have a party and don't want  to spend all night
cleaning your tops or worse have to keep an eagle eye on your guests just in case they spill. Seal
with Granite Shield and relax, enjoy the party!"

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Ozzy Simoes visits the Granite Shield corporate office & a day of fun in the sun

Ozzy Simoes
Granite Shield Applicator - Using Granite Shield since 2008
Granite Shield of New England
Permanent Sealer

Granite Shield created its lifetime penetrating breathable permanent sealing process in 2002.
Granite Shield uses different catalyzing polymers and then caps the catalyzing polymers with a
nanotechnology permanent carbon crystal sealant which then locks the catalyzing polymers into
the stone. The carbon crystal sealant forms a molecular bond with the granite which can't be
removed thus creating a lifetime seal which leaves granite more vibrant, smoother and shinier.
Granite Shield can make granite non porous and maintenance free enabling granite customers
peace of mind when purchasing granite for their kitchen countertops. The standard sealers today
only penetrate and then dissipate over time, leaving the stone vulnerable to stains. Granite Shield
can be applied to new and existing granite.
Low cost seal kits with licensing fees waived are
available to stone professionals for professional application that comes with a lifetime warranty
against staining.
DIY kits are available for those that would like to seal their own granite but
does not carry the same warranty when applied by a Granite Shield applicator.
We Seal It!!! All For Life!!!
Sealed with Granite Shield
Not sealed with Granite Shield
7 Day Test - GS & Red Wine
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