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Granite Shield Permanent Custom Stone Seal
Lifetime Sealer DIY Kit
Granite Shield - Now Available DIY Custom Stone Seal

Do It Yorself Custom Stone Seal Available for All Types
of Natural Stone Countertops

Granite Shield is introducing its DIY Custom Stone Seal
program! Due to the great demand for Granite Shield in
areas of the country that do not have an authorized
Granite Shield applicators, Granite Shield is introducing
Custom Stone Seal for natural stone countertops! Now
anyone in the world can email a photo and square
footage of their type of stone to the experts at Granite
Shield and Granite Shield will custom design the proper
sealing procedures and products to seal their
countertops. Authorized Granite Shield applicators are
still the only way to get the permanent seal with a
lifetime warranty but now all customers can get the
expertise to seal their own granite and other natural
stones such as marble, travertine and limestone custom
tailored for the stone countertops in their own homes.

All granite is not created equal! The Granite Shield
process was designed to specifically target each type of
granites particalar porosity, by creating matching sealers
to fill the different size pores in each type of granite and
then bonding those sealers into the stone with its
molecular bonding carbon crystal, Granite Shield is able
to achieve a permanent lifetime seal. Now homeowners
can seal their own granite and still get the smoother,
shinier, maintance free granite which never needs to be
sealed again and can be cleaned using regular window
cleaners with ammonia or Granite Shield's world famous
Kleen N Shine aftercare cleaner which not only cleans
but leaves a beautiful and smooth shine.

Not only will Granite Shield custom blend your sealing
process but will also make a custom poultice to remove
any stains you may have already gotten into your stone.
Just email a photo and describe what stained your stone
and let Granite Shield help restore your stone to its
natural beauty and then when you apply its sealers into
your stone which are also designed to penetrate deeply
into the pores and then float the dirt and contaminates
out of your stone leaving a cleaner and clearer finish
than when brand new.

Email Photos and Information
Lifetime Sealer - Never Seal Your Stone AGAIN!
Sealing Granite
Granite Shield Improves Granite
Cleaning with Granite Shield
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